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Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week: The future of civic tech, data visualization, data science and scientific communication (Stora scenen/digitalt)

This keynote is part of “Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week”. Each morning at 08.00-08.45 AM, we kick off with a hybrid live-streamed event, focusing on development, research, innovation, system thinking and possible futures. Join us online or IRL at The Tivoli in Helsingborg!

Daniel Lapidus has founded the organization Datastory that curates, visualizes and explains important data across fields like education, healthcare and global development. Together with museums, media, NGOs and researchers, Datastory multiplies the use of existing open data and builds long-lasting and engaging experiences.

In this session, Daniel will connect recent observations from the field and extrapolate what this could mean in the near and far future. You’ll get insights into the possibilities of data visualization and get a deeper understanding of the world – from basic physics to dynamic social systems.

Daniel Lapidus has founded the organization Datastory ( With data as fuel and
visualization as language, Datastory collaborates with various researchers around the world to make the most important knowledge more accessible to everyone. Daniel has previously worked with Gapminder, SVT, UN organizations and statistical authorities. He has a background in medicine, data visualization and global development and combines full stack development with data journalism in his work. He is involved in local and international interest groups around civic tech and open data.

16 juni, 2022
The Tivoli, Digitalt, Helsingborg
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Ida Åstrand