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  • 31 maj, 2018 11:3013:00
  • Ideon, Emdalavägen 6, Lund
  • Innovation Skåne
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  • A Glimpse of the Future – a lunch seminar hosted by Innovation Skåne

    Innovation Skåne invites you to an exciting lunch seminar focusing on future trends within some of our expert areas Lighting, Materials and Health Tech!

    Innovation Skåne invites you to a lunch seminar focusing on the exciting future trends within some of our expert areas Lighting, Materials and Health Tech!
    Ideon Science Park – where the Innovation Skåne HQ is located – is celebrating 35 years of success stories and interesting innovations this year! Instead of looking in the rear-view mirror, we want to celebrate this by gazing 35 years into the future and think of the amazing times that lie ahead!
    Come listen to experts talk about how future lighting solutions will affect our daily lives, how nano materials will impact us and what health care might look like 35 years from now – all with focus on the individual!

    We are very proud to present the line up for this lunch:
    Keynote Speaker: Louise Bringselius, strategic advisor at Region Skåne will give her thoughts on how Skåne and the World will look 35 years from now, all with a focus on the job market and people’s values.
    Fredrik Malmberg will tell us more about how light affects us as humans and also how it can change agriculture and farming to the better.
    The nano guru and professor Lars Samuelson from NanoLund, founder of nanotech companies like SolVoltaics, Glo and Hexagem will update us on how new materials can impact our daily lives in 35 years.”
    Founder and visionary Mattias Paulsson of the startup Lytics will give a reflection on health care and how we will make use of it in the future.
    As if this wasn’t enough, we will wrap up with our very on panel discussion ”Fråga Lund, fast Skåne” where we really encourage you to be active and put the experts to the test.

    The best part of it? You can fit all this in during your lunch break (with complimentary food of course!).

    To follow, Ideon Science Park has put together a super interesting afternoon where they focus on the corporate aspect of the future, together with companies such as Volvo Cars, Sigma Connectivity and Axis.
    We would love for you to stay and enjoy the rest of the day with us! Read more and sign up for the afternoon here:

    This event is a collab between Lighting Metropolis, Health Tech Nordic and Materials Business Center, and is partially funded by Interreg ÖKS and the European Regional Development Fund.


    31 maj, 2018
    Ideon, Emdalavägen 6, Lund
    Innovation Skåne
    Malin Larsson


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