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  • 1 juni, 2018 10:0012:00
  • Norra Grängesbergsgatan 35, Malmö
  • The Upcycle Collective, Second Chapter
  • Seminarium
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  • Trash is our treasure!

    In Malmö, tons of useable materials are being burned for energy and second hand shops are overwhelmed with goods they can’t process. Using the Netherlands as a source for inspiration, we will see how upcycling is not only good for the environment but also good for business. After a short presentation and fika there will be a participatory workshop on how we can inspire Malmö to upcycle more.

    Upcycling means to reuse materials to make something new and create higher value. Recycling on the other hand often lowers the value of the material (for example, turning newspaper into toilet paper). By reusing materials instead of burning or recycling them, we can save energy and resources which helps create growing sustainable cities.

    From hobbyists to craft businesses and large scale companies, everybody can upcycle. The Netherlands has a profitable business model and positive attitude regarding reuse which we will explore in the presentation. Then we will discuss what we in Malmö and the rest of Sweden can take away from these examples, and what needs to happen to change the current mindset and system regarding material reuse.

    The Upcycle Collective is a collaborative effort which supports various projects to spread the message of upcycling throughout Sweden. We believe that if everyone makes a small effort towards a more sustainable life that this will have a ripple effect for our local and global environment.


    1 juni, 2018
    Norra Grängesbergsgatan 35, Malmö
    The Upcycle Collective, Second Chapter
    Erika Jacobs Lord


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