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  • 29 maj, 2019 10:0012:00
  • THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg
  • Future Fashion Collective, Helsingborg Stad, Think Open Space
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  • Slow Fashion, Are You In?

    How to become an activist for sustainable fashion?

    What is slow fashion? How and why did this movement start? How can we consumers actively engage ourselves in the slow fashion movement? There are many ways for us to get involved or stay involved post-Fashion Revolution Week.

    In this workshop, you will hear successful stories from entrepreneur, sustainable fashion influencer, and activist on how they have transformed something they are deeply passionate about into successful businesses or movements that generate positive impacts on our society and planet. After this workshop, you will learn about their key factors for success and get information on how you can engage yourself.

    Getting to know our speakers:

    Kim Gerlach: In 2014, Kim began to show interest in slow fashion and has ever since continued with it. Kim is frequently touring around events within the industry and was recently on stage at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit – the industries leading event and she’s also been the host of a Sustainable Showroom at Berlin Fashion Week. When she is not touring around events, she is a coach at Drivhuset Malmö with a focus on sustainability and social innovation. Primer to this, she’s been a part of the vintage startup VinoKilo and has studied Leadership for Sustainability at Malmö University.

    My Gullstrand: My Gullstrand is the founder of Familjen AB, a whole new concept for increasing the value of second-hand markets and making them more attractive for consumers to choose second-hand instead of buying new. My has inspired many people to choose a more sustainable way of consumption through her events, pop-up stores, inspirational talks, and her store at Drottninggatan in Helsingborg.

    Tess Waltenburg: Tess Waltenburg is an ethnologist and sustainability influencer from Lund. She runs the podcast “Steg för Steg – Inspiration för en hållbar livsstil” and is one of the founders of Sustainable Influencers. The main themes on her channels are second hand, slow fashion and low-impact living. She wants to inspire everyone to do what they can with what they have right now and take the first step towards a greener future. Tess was nominated for young sustainability talents in 2019 by Aktuell Hållbarhet.


    29 maj, 2019
    THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg
    Future Fashion Collective, Helsingborg Stad, Think Open Space
    Jian Chen Jehpsson


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