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  • 29 maj, 2018 16:0021:00
  • Bredgatan 4, The Ground, Malmö
  • Add Gender
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  • Launch party for Add Gender Syd

    Save the date for Tuesday May 29 when Add Gender Syd opens up shop in Malmö! Swing by this spring's most awaited launch party and find out all you ever wanted to know about Add Gender but was afraid to ask. We invite you to a night of good fun, good company, great snacks, drinks and a custom pep talk chosen by you, the guests!

    Hello southern Sweden!

    For ten years, Add Gender has travelled around the country to make gender equality comprehensible and useful. But with the headquarters in Stockholm and a large bunch of psyched consultants in Malmö, it became apparent that one office was not enough. We thought to celebrate this by inviting ya’ll to a party and an inspirational pep talk on a theme that you, the guests, can choose (go to the poll in the Facebook event), and of course a lot of mingle. There will be drinks, snacks and good people!

    We are here to stay!


    29 maj, 2018
    Bredgatan 4, The Ground, Malmö
    Add Gender
    Sanna Lilie
    070-696 33 73


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