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  • 25 maj, 2019 10:0012:00
  • Stortorget 2, Helsingborg
  • SLAVIC, Helsingborg stad, Think Open Space
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  • Entreprenörskap
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  • Free Walking Tour of Helsingborg for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

    Get to know Helsingborg from entrepreneurs perspective by special design walking tour. By getting to know all the companies around the city and their business models you find yourself in a city full of possibilities to create business

    You will find yourself in town full of opportunities, through our walk through the city’s central parts, you will discover lots of interesting companies that you certainly in some way come into contact without knowing about this. You will find that most of the things that are traded online in Sweden are partly coded here in Helsingborg and why Helsingborg counts as an E-commerce city, you will realize that you are a customer of some Helsingborg companies without thinking about you. Join us on the exciting journey through time, with obviously some drama, bankruptcies and the history behind it.


    25 maj, 2019
    Stortorget 2, Helsingborg
    SLAVIC, Helsingborg stad, Think Open Space
    Dimitrij Aleshkov


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