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  • 28 maj, 2018 13:0014:00
  • Mobilvägen 10, Lund
  • Sigma Connectivity
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  • Experience Sigma Connectivity´s advanced R&D labs! – 28 may

    Experience and explore Sigma´s world-class design and development house driving innovation through chain of engineers, ID designers and advanced in-house labs! Join us for 1 hour and participate in a walk-around labbtour to see the technology of tomorrow!

    We run one of the world’s few truly independent labs, and we help our clients discover, design, prototype and test their products. For 1 hour you will experience our facilities involving several different technology disciplines such as: Prototype Lab, Wireless Lab, Design Lab, Sound Lab, Optics lab & Electronics Lab.

    Sigma Connectivity activity plan – Skåne Innovation week

    Sigma Connectivity practices open innovation with its partners to enhance and promote innovativeness in order to transform ideas into viable products and services.

    Regardless of the phase of your product’s development cycle, access to the right equipment and tools is essential. We run one of the world’s few truly independent labs, with the ability to design, prototype and test your product during all phases, from post-it to production.

    Innovativeness means improving knowledge, skills, capability, and identifying weaknesses while at the same time identifying gaps in the organization that impede an innovative culture. During Skåne Innovation Week, we will open up the doors to our labs and give a full tour of the abilities and opportunities available. Our goal is to support local and regional start-ups to achieving competitive advantages in a global competition. We offer our partners the right tools and mindset to be able to promote a pragmatic approach towards innovation and combining expertise and experiences in all areas.

    Together, we will go through three level of cooperation:

    The strategic level:
    In this step we support startups and align their innovation strategy with their corporate strategy.

    Operational level:
    After the alignment is made, we join forces to connect the innovation strategy of the startup with the resources we have at Sigma Connectivity. We guide and improve our partners innovation process by guiding them through five processes:


    These processes will deliver a benchmark, analyze our new partners business landscape, identify flaws and provide new wider knowledge. It will also lay the foundation for the development of innovation through our R&D lab.

    Instrumental level:

    During the instrumental level, our partners are provided with an effective approach to innovation management combining new tools and new routines.
    In order to speed up the innovation readiness in your organization, we provide our partners with the following Innovation Management tools:
    • Knowledge Management
    • Open Innovation
    • Joint Venture
    • Collaboration Innovation

    Knowledge management is an integrated part in all aspects of the company’s organization, rather than a separate tool. The aim is to improve the overall performance, competitive advantage, encourage collective intelligence, and widen networks. Open Innovation, Joint Venture and Collaboration Innovation are three different mechanisms to help customers increase their innovation capabilities. Sigma Connectivity evaluates the ideas, products and services to navigate and accelerate your innovation process by collaboration based on different factors specific to the customers need and organization.


    28 maj, 2018
    Mobilvägen 10, Lund
    Sigma Connectivity
    David Hallberg


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