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Public Meals in Scandinavia – pathways towards a Mission

Join us at this workshop to collaborate on the development of future pathways towards a Mission on Public Meals. This is an area that most likely to undergo substantial changes in the future and we like to push the innovation boundaries for this and kick-start the proces in this workshop.

Public meals has a long and strong tradition for taking action in developing more sustainable food systems. In Denmark the transition to more organic food in public meals has been driven by public procurement policies. This has shown a pathway over the past decades and demonstrated that the public can be a powerful political driver of demand towards both producers and suppliers. But the need for sustainable transition of the food system goes further and includes actions such as food waste reduction strategies, shorter food value chains and more active plant-based food and meal strategies. The workshop takes up this theme for discussion among policy makers, researchers and practitioners.

We like to further investigate the potential for a future transition to a more sustainable and most likely plant-based diet from the perspective of public buyers, public kitchen professionals, the end-users/consumers, from local governments and from the research perspective. Join us for a lively discussion on how public kitchens can play a role in a transition towards a more sustainable food system and how we can co-create a roadmap related to public meals in the Scandinavien context.

As an instrument and hopefully an outcome of the workshop will be a decision to collaborate on a joint application for InterReg ØKS funding.

14 juni, 2022
The Tivoli, Helsingborg
The Tivoli, Köpenhamnskajen 1, 252 21, Helsingborg
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