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  • 23 maj 11:0013:00
  • To be announced, Lund
  • Paytack AB
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  • Övrigt
  • Buy your lunch just by using your face at restaurant

    Paytack AB will have an activity to launch our newly developed restaurant check-in and payment solution with facial recognition at one of the restaurants in Lund.

    We are a tech start-up called Paytack AB, and we would like to test and demonstrate our cloud-based facial recognition solution for restaurants and office cantinas in a real user case. Paytack has agreed with a restaurant in Lund to offer all guests during Skåne Innovation week to try to pay their lunches with their faces.

    At site during the day, Paytack and the restaurant will jointly offer guests to try the innovative system to pay their lunch with just using their face.

    For the whole check-in process, two Paytack mobile apps will be used. One is called ‘Paytack User’, which is for the guests to register a profile and their face via their own smartphone, and this will create a unique user ID stored in our cloud. The other app is called ‘Paytack Business,’ which is for the restaurnant admin to identify the guests. At arrival at the activity, the guests go to a self-check-in station, a tablet, scan their face on the Business app, and they have paid for their lunch by just using their face.

    We will use these activities to educate people about the possibilities with face recognition and other biometrics to improve life, its technology, and answer any questions regarding integrity issues and GDPR legislation related to this. And also for us to learn more how the people in Skåne adapts to biometric solutions in daily life.


    23 maj
    To be announced, Lund
    Paytack AB
    Etsuko Sawayanagi Jönsson
    070 734 73 16