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Monday 13th with Wake you with Skåne Innovation Week!

A turn towards new metaphors in support of a circular transition

This keynote is part of “Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week”. Each morning at 08.00-08.45 AM, we kick off with a hybrid live-streamed event, focusing on development, research, innovation, system thinking and possible futures. Join us online or IRL at The Tivoli in Helsingborg!

As story-telling animals, we continuously shape the world around us while carving the way towards possible futures ahead. In her presentation, Ida Britta Petrelius will explore how the myth and metaphors we use to describe the world are adjusting to become more fit to support the shifts necessary to tackle climate change. By drawing from framing theory and future methods, this presentation will unfold why the metaphors we use to describe human-made systems matters.

With a background in art, interdisciplinary collaborations and sustainability science, Ida Britta Petrelius is currently co-leading the project Developing Circular Design (DeCiDe) on the Finnish west coast. In close collaboration with the multifaceted manufacturing industry in the Jakobstad’s region, the project aims to boost a circular mindset with a focus on the powerful solutions that can be integrated already in the design phase.

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