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Five mornings. Five keynotes.  Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week! 

Each morning at 08.00-08.45 AM, we kick off with a hybrid live-streamed event, focusing on development, research, innovation, system thinking and possible futures. Join us online or IRL at The Tivoli in Helsingborg!
Aisha Mossberg from Internetstiftelsen will be your guide through the mornings!

Monday the 13th of June
Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week: A turn towards new metaphors in support of a circular transition

Keynote speaker Ida Britta Petrelius has a background in art, interdisciplinary collaborations and sustainability science and is currently co-leading the project Developing Circular Design (DeCiDe) in Finland.

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Tuesday the 14th of June
Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week: Rethinking our relationship with products and material
Keynote speaker Tim Forslund is a specialist in Circular Economy for Biodiversity  at The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. He works to support the global transition to a circular economy, by finding, developing and spreading the best circular solutions from Finland and the world, with an emphasis on solutions that help tackle biodiversity loss.

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Wednesday the 15th of June

Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week: Moving from sick care to health care

Keynote speaker Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Today the Institute is a global leader in applying futures studies methods to solve strategic challenges within organisations.

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Thursday the 16th of June
Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week: The future of civic tech, data visualization, data science and scientific communication

Keynote speaker Daniel Lapidus, founder of the organization Datastory that curates, visualizes and explains important data across fields like education, healthcare and global development.

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Friday the 17th of June

Wake up with Skåne Innovation Week: Navigating complexity and uncertainty, tips and tricks for systems to learn, engage and transform 

Keynote speakers Elin Engström, Senior design strategist and Pia McAleenan, Manager public sector innovation and collaboration at The Swedish Industrial design foundation.

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